Style Guides and Resources

Frontify, Frontify seems like a neat way to quickly organize a clean, simple, generic style guide. I’ve recently developed my own system based in illustrator to do something quite […]

google play(s) music?

Hey world! 2 things: a) I have a wordpress blog still.. perhaps I should use it? b) google sent an email a while ago saying that they stream music: […]

Hello, 2015!

Happy winter everyone. Wishing y’all much fun and numerous adventures in the new year!

surprisingly awesome marketing

A friend from design school just posted this. It is indeed surprisingly awesome marketing. It’s an interesting world of advertising these days, where individuals have as much control over the […]

one take super 8

Just about every year there is a ‘One Take Super 8’ showing of local filmmakers featuring never before seen footage captured on super8 cameras. You see all kinds of fun […]

an introduction to dubstep

it’s 2012 … a little bass rich electronic music is essential to your cultural homeostasis. recommended listening at least three servings per month

opening at c2 friday

SICK AT HOME by Tonja Torgerson, opens this Friday, February 24th at Craft Chemistry gallery in Syracuse with an Artist Reception from 7pm-10pm! Wow, check this out  —>  In this […]

reward system for instruction

Recently I have been using a name on the board visual indicator of when the kids in my animation class are getting to wild / rowdy / exhibiting unacceptable behavoir. […]