Style Guides and Resources


Frontify seems like a neat way to quickly organize a clean, simple, generic style guide. I’ve recently developed my own system based in illustrator to do something quite similar and I’ve been toying with concepts to build sharable pages with my clients rather than the .pdf so that they can easily access or share the link with the pertinent logos and files should they need to with printers and manufacturers.



DevBridge also looks like an interesting tool that would keep styles in very tidy order even more specifically for web development, with little effort.


Working Not Working,

Working Not Working is another interesting thing that you can remember a password for. In the past you needed an invite, which is an interesting tactic intending to keep the quality level high. It appears that there is a 3 trial available, so I will post that here.. rather than keeping a browser tab open until that magical time on the calendar where, I have time to experiment with such things.


Maybe I’ll start posting things on here again..

It’s always fun for folks to visit a sight and observe the sporadic dates of when a blogger contributes regularly for a month and a half, and then goes silent for a couple years so why not.


Perhaps it can become a repository for all of the tabs I don’t want to close, and I can provide a little insight into why the heck I’m vaguely interested in these tools, sites, projects, resources, articles.. etc.. feel free to comment if you’ve tried any of these things out, and if you have an opinion about them!


In summary; I’m working.. but can squeeze in some small projects.. if you see this site start to look nicer… that means I can probably take on more client work, since this site has sat stagnant since about 2010.

fun stuff

Hope everyone has been having a great break. Up here in the North East the winter weather let up a bit, got some sun, all the ice in the driveway melted got up in the 50’s?! It was sad to see the snow go, but it was awesome to be able to get out on bicycle, missing the winter spin classes in favor of fresh air and the excitement of the open road.

However, don’t fear – winter is coming back with the close of the winter break, as is school. Going in to the second semester of the after school animation will be exciting. Last semesters culminating project of 1 semi-cohesive cartoon done by the 2nd graders was great, animated in front of the live audience while they improvised the soundtrack on stage into the microphone. Great performance I think.

Tuesday marks the beginning of the next group, and I am excited because I’ve always been a huge fan of the Sony BRAVIA color like no other tv commercial campaign and the behind the scenes you tube videos that go with them. It seems like they have uploaded more in depth behind the scenes videos since I last checked, and this one in particular shows the process exceptionally well. From concept to experimentation, to execution, with great commentary on how you have to let the animation form it’s own life and existence with the mind of its own and other great incites that I’m excited to have the kids hear from another source.

Feel free to comment on this, and check out all the related color like no other videos. They are wild.

I could talk about this kind of stuff all day.