moday evenin’ : day runs into days

so lately one day has felt like multiple.
waking up about the same time as the sun, going to lift mon.tues.fri. and trying to get back to running a bit, and cycling every now and then . playing ice hockey and roller hockey in a league up in lysander and doing marketing full time with fleet feet syracuse, a neat little runnin’ store.

so. today i said to somebody regarding a message i sent them “the other day” which i received the reply “dude, that was this morning”

any how, keepin’ busy, it’s fun. did a window display yesterday. (provided that yesterday really was sunday) … i thought it came out pretty alright, it was fun none the less low budget and incorporate july 4th / independence day / running store stuff. I’ll post a picture when i get around to it.

that’s all that i can think of immediately to write about. i wanna ride bicycles all day tomorrow, (tuesday/no work). or anything else that could be fun. or i could always make some art, i haven’t done anything crazy in a while besides the unfinished gorilla dude on the wall of my studio-in-progress