some art and some syracuse

I was cruising around , the typical place to get lost for unmeasurable amounts of time just drooling over excellent design, photography, and architecture.. when i came upon something familiar..

his installation piece was done by the university students, led by their professor,
but besides all that I thought it was pretty neat to see that it had made it on to ffffound, it just reassures that we have some rediculous ideas and talent right near by. i dig it. 

which brings me into my next area of concern, the inactivity of the local upstate AIGA. There have been regional meetings popping up on a fund your own basis called 
 these would be a great thing to get going.. perhaps i shall send out an open invitation to the world and see what happens? contact me if interested.

makin’ moves!

So, to update the world.. i’ve been designin a buncha little stuff for the fleet feet, running store extraordinaire. I actually had quite a bit of fun with the Holiday Gift Guide for 2008. 


click on the little guy above and it will send you to the site, where the animated version of above is, as well as the gift guide, incase you are looking for some gift ideas.. or you want to critique me… what ev.

so that’s fun.. holiday windows look like giant candy canes on the left and normal xmas on the right.. i always forget to document them. maybe ill take pictures later on today. 

in other news, still slightly secret due to how much work i would like to put into it before really revealing it is the new studio space in downtown Syracuse.

keepin’ it funky. brings you an update on the design pursuits of the life of young artist randall hadzor and his surrounding matrices of influence.

There has been much going on in the design sense at the Fleet Feet Syracuse venue. Creating logos, marks, banners, stuff like that.. check it out. Also new events such as the Cold Feet sunday morning run which will have its second meeting this weekend at 8 starting from the store. Check it.

In the Syracuse general area, the arts continue to proliferate. Taking to the skies, look up and you are bound to see the moving illumination that is hope, in form of motion graphics and video filling in the blank canvases and augmenting the existing architecture of the city. The largest permanent installation of art films, all based on a super open platform for artist to take part in. Check it, but only in the hours of darkness. or read more

more to come.