Simpsons Stamps!

Thought I should share this; I was surfing the web and I came across these stamps, which are amazing. Add a little fun and color to your correspondance. I’m definitely gonna get a couple, gotta put something on my SASE to sticker robot [if you send a decorated / illustrated self adressed envelope they send you a buncha stickers, it’s quite exciting].

So besides that find.. only one creation update really.. check out triathlon nite next wednesday & thursday:


new works / various activities !

brain bird [1]

Picture 4 [2]

Picture 3 [3]

1] recent creature illustration / not the latest created, but the most recently documented, part of an envelope intended to be sent to sticker robot self-addressed-stamped-envelope project. (good fun)

2] website modification! (that means new stuff!) i have begun to put my resume online, in a nifty horizontally scrolling orientation, a slight dream of mine.

3] a logo/modification that i did a while ago for Team Believe, which is worn by the runners at various road races, about 80 of them at the Mountain Goat run a couple weekends ago, also hung from their tent on site ! [original][shirts]