completely un-design related, unless your talking about experimental food preparation …

i am currently enjoying one of my greatest culinary endeavors as of late.

it all started with an idea.. my favorite egg pans bottom diameter is about 6inches. so i thought it was necessary to cut a wheat wrap with scissors to that size. then it became obvious as the pan heated up i should rip up the extra ring of wrap that was produced and throw them on to fry with a generous amount of butter; as they crisped up they became delicious little wrap chips with their buttery flavor accented with a slight onion as i fried up some left over slices of those guys..

then toss in a couple eggs on top of the crispified onions… do a fancy little flip. so the heat sealed up the second side of eggs.. then flip it back mantaining its nice contact circular 2egg form of deliciousness, then i proceeded to sliced an x through the lesser cooked 2nd egg side yolk and plopped the wrap on there, anticipating it would adhere nicely to the wrap. then plopped some butter on the pan and swirled the wrap circle side down so the butter could get beneath. between the wrap and egg there was also some american cheese placed to be a gooey adhesive of flavah, still facing up was the open egg and onion, where i also placed some cheese atop. let that sizzle, butter and soak in all the possible goodness, till the cheeses notified me by their goo that it was time, fold it up and slide it on to the plate.

i doubt i described it adequately, and while debating to photograph it… i look to my right there is not nearly enough left to provide a decent image, as it is but 2 bites that remain.

who knows if it will ever happen again.

sorry if you were expecting design updates or some other mumbo jumbo. but this was delicious and i wanted to share it with the world.

look for new series of cook books¬† “Wing-it Cooking” soon to be produced by Variety Studios.¬† [ haha ]