27 in 28

Last night I came home to a package, with the most beautiful packing tape I’d ever seen, safely leaning against my apartment door.

I don’t even think this photo from the House Industries site does it justice.

I should have taken some snaps of it.. In the 28 degree weather I donned some cycling shorts, old school performance tights, my darntough wool socks over my balega crews. 2 underarmours, the new house ind. jersey, then a hi viz yellow top over top to keep the new jersey clean but still know that i was wearing it !

‘ tossed a couple hot hands hand warmers in my cycling shoes, put on a neck warmers, some snowboard goggles, helmet, a red l.e.d. blinky on my back for safety, some extra hand warmers, a gu, and my keys in my back pockets of the awesome new jersey, and out I went, up to otisco and back. It was magical, had to ride hard enough to keep warm then it got real hot. but it was good.

Screen shot 2010-02-16 at 9.06.21 PM

map courtesy of http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

and thats my 27miles in 28 degrees

not to mention i flew back into town and met up with sarah to have some delicious bacon onion cheddar etc. quiche & hot chocolate.. a great compliment for frozen toes.

have fun!

molecul-art opening at Craft Chemistry Gallery – Saturday!


Last chance to add to the molculART wall project…. during open hours, now through Sat, 2/13 at 5pm- then it is completed. as is. wonderfully tickling.

moleculART Conclusion Event:

Saturday, February 13th, 5-7pm

enjoy nachos, bubbly and take in the unique collaborative art project…. take it all in…. before it is painted over the next day.

“WAAA?! Oh no she didnt just say it was going to be painted over…. uh-huh, no she didnt! Dang, we better get over there!” says you all.

Enjoy this overview of the process, transition, morphed-ness, all encompassing, blah blah, below:

artwork by: Liam Gooley – Zeno Levy – Bryan Boutwell – Jen Cide – Jonathan Chase – Randy Hadzor – Maarten Jacobs – Brendan Rose – Leslie Porchelli – William Grace III – Ursula Rozum – Vanessa Marquez – Bob – Andrea Asprelli – Jason Borisoff – Briana Kohlbrenner – Mariel Fiedler – Elody Gates – Andy Porter – Danielle Shepard – Gwen Miller – Kayla Sergio – Keren Vita – Andy Erickson – Stasya Panova

The wall photographed semi recently:

I drew these dudes quick:

[this blogs content brought to you courtesy of craftchemistry.com]

Come and check it out! it’s awesommmme.

some sketches

So I’ve started taking some financial classes and things to get more efficient at doing the business end of Variety Studios.

Since going back to the class room, and bringing along my some sketch books, they’re getting more filled up… Some of these are from that first class and a couple are from the past, I think I may go through and post some more soon too…

Give me feed back if you like this kinda stuff or not.

& plans for biz card to match this site from back in september ’09: