interestings and updates

hey all. sometimes i just like to post things that are awesome on here.

you hear people talking about ‘ that rustic look ‘ all the time. it doesn’t get much cooler than these speakers (ffffound/source)

as far as updates for artist/designer randall hadzor, that’s me. been working on a lot of research in various capacities in coding, especially to do with listservs and various applications for webdesign and communication, been maintaining websites, one where friend and client Matt Migonis is tearing it up in triathlon in the mid west breaking into the elite category and taking on the pro dudes. Congrats to matt for picking up his newest sponsor, Oakley. You can track his progress at .

There are some secret fine art / commercial fine art projects in the works also but I will have more information and actually be doing a survey of sorts with possible option for prizes! check back here, the book of faces, and for more info on that in the reasonably near future.

For more information check out and for information on randall hadzor the endurance athlete.