preparing for a show

Artist, Steve Thomas, has organized a series which subjects targets of the past to the various styles and creative recourse and ink fodder from the minds of a few select of artists. These pieces are to be shown in the mysterious show put on by renowned artist Tom Huff rumored to be shown at Empire State College in the very near future.

Seen above is a sneak peek my individual interpretation, there will be more artists and collaborative pieces shown as well as an artistic debut of one, Sarah Krisch.

Guaranteed to be a good time, I’ll try to post more information as it develops.

the scoop.

Lately life’s been movin’ right along.

Just wrapped up teaching two weeks of digital animation to youngster/teenaged kids at the Y Arts Camp over through the Fayetteville YMCA about a week ago now. They learned the basics of stop motion animation and then put their creativity to the test using claymation, cut paper photographic processes, and many other inventive techniques to create a bunch of shorts that they were able to take home on their CD’s. Introduced to industry programs such as Adobe Flash, After Effects, Photoshop etc.. a good time was had and there were some young artists with excellent talent.

Previous to that I spent a couple weeks livin’ as I may imagine I’d like to in the South of France, riding my bicycle to the clients house with my paintbrushes in my bag on my back where I was creating a 40′ long landscape mural. The scene depicting the westward view of Skaneateles Lake in a loosely illustrative yet scenic and geographically accurate representation, influenced by the actual terrain I was able to observe on the days commute.

(photos to come perhaps)

Most lately life has been back to the design world, doing web research, sketching, a couple logo/marks and leading into a couple new projects that should be quite exciting. These coupled with the upcoming Syracuse 70.3 halfironman triathlon and the awesomely approaching cyclocross season things have been exciting.

I am also working on a custom aerosol painted bicycle frame which I will soon be building up for the ‘cross season. Photos to come perhaps on this as well.