blanche nuit.

This past weekend Sarah and I zipped up to Toronto to check out the all night arts festival called blanche nuit. There’s one of these put on by both Toronto and Montreal, they start at night fall and continue to the morning sunrise the next day. I had read about such a thing sometime last year and it sounded absolutely outstanding, so we had to check it out.

Upon arriving we met up with Marcus and Alina and got some dinner, wandered the streets a bit, taking in the whole scene.

One of the first and coolest exhibits we saw was an old tin cut latern… except made of van.

2010-nuit blanche-van

There were some excellent exhibits of unique arts, tons of people were drawn, there were energy drink sponsors giving out their elixir to get people through the night. It was definitely a festival/party like atmosphere covering a huge area. There were 3 sections of art concentrated east center and west of the city which were spread out quit a bit. Which made for some chilly walking, as someone walking by said it was like a scavenger hunt for art. Exhibits hiding around the corners, in various buildings, alley ways, and window displays.

Here is a window display of mannequins dressed in dresses entirely in toilet paper.


All in all I was expecting a little more, some of the work I felt was lacking, it was impressive the shear number of people that came out for it but there wasn’t a ton of exhibits with the energy needed to charge an entire city for an entire night.

As we bridged between two centers of exhibits we were able to see the leader of the Robot peoples of Toronto passing by as their congregation paused for a stop light.

It was also entertaining watching the masses dance/march as they took over the city for a night free to dance through the streets behind trucks disguised as pirate ships at one point complete with sexy dancing lady pirates on said ship.

All in all it was a decent adventure, though a bit chilly.