casket avenger comic contest!

Chris Raimo is a ridiculously talented artist and illustrator who is currently working on issue #2 of his comic ‘Casket Avenger’. For this issue there is a contest for back page fan art submissions, (details below) I presented the challenge to my second grade animation student and they went wild with it. Creating unique superheroes, casket’s pet, female derivations and all sorts of cool stuff to submit.

See the facebook page or for more info.

Casket Avenger Contest Details:

Are you an artist? Ever wanted to be in a comic? Well here’s your chance! I’m looking for some “pin-up” art for the back of Casket Avenger #2! Normally in the back of comics they will have a full page of art of the character by different artists in their own style. Here’s how its gonna work, email me your submissions b…y March 1st, it can be any medium, just send me a decent sized JPEG for now, and I will make a separate album on the Chris Raimo art fan page called “Casket Avenger Contest” the winner will be chosen by the most “Likes” by the fans! All THREE Winners will receive a free signed copy of Casket Avenger #1 & #2, have their work printed in the pin-up section of Casket Avenger #2 as well as an origin…al sketch of Casket Avenger by me! Email your submissions to! Good Luck!

Chris had a super positive response to the kids art work and the kids loved the challenge. Chris and the kids encouraged me to submit as well. Perhaps I’ll post my take on Casket in the near future.

the coach joe of typography

In college at Monmouth I ran cross country and track, we had a coach named joe, he was awesome. He loved pizza more than anyone.

On today I saw this sweet multi color letter shading photograph by Nick Sherman:

Upon scoping out his flickr stream, I discovered that he was the coach joe of typography. His album was full of interesting type samples, only interrupted by photographs of pizzas, sliced, whole, of all different sorts and origins.

fun stuff

Hope everyone has been having a great break. Up here in the North East the winter weather let up a bit, got some sun, all the ice in the driveway melted got up in the 50’s?! It was sad to see the snow go, but it was awesome to be able to get out on bicycle, missing the winter spin classes in favor of fresh air and the excitement of the open road.

However, don’t fear – winter is coming back with the close of the winter break, as is school. Going in to the second semester of the after school animation will be exciting. Last semesters culminating project of 1 semi-cohesive cartoon done by the 2nd graders was great, animated in front of the live audience while they improvised the soundtrack on stage into the microphone. Great performance I think.

Tuesday marks the beginning of the next group, and I am excited because I’ve always been a huge fan of the Sony BRAVIA color like no other tv commercial campaign and the behind the scenes you tube videos that go with them. It seems like they have uploaded more in depth behind the scenes videos since I last checked, and this one in particular shows the process exceptionally well. From concept to experimentation, to execution, with great commentary on how you have to let the animation form it’s own life and existence with the mind of its own and other great incites that I’m excited to have the kids hear from another source.

Feel free to comment on this, and check out all the related color like no other videos. They are wild.

I could talk about this kind of stuff all day.