‘birds’ series

The birds are developed in an almost pop art style, combining acrylic paint and substantial black lines coupled with their big eyes, they strike an emotional connection with most people. They are playful yet devious, the originals are 2’x3′ vertical. There are 3 large birds completed so far, and unique hand painted prints are matted and optimized for 10″x13″ frames. All these birds are hand painted and worked over with pen and ink and each is unique do my unusual mixed media process.

These are the ‘birds’ series prints that are still available as of December 29, 2010.

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As an artist for the past 5-6 years I have been sketching constantly, filling sketch books and drawing constantly. The birds materialized into a series almost on their own. They kept coming out of the pens I was using and playing in my sketch books, and then before I knew it they were everywhere. On canvases, on large painting sketches (never before shown in public), and then I developed the prints through a unique mixed media process as a way to let people connect with the bird that matches their own personality.

I am constantly expanding the birds series and always keeping half an eye out for exciting opportunities to show my works to the world. I have shown the birds in Syracuse, New York City, and Pittsburgh.

Since the Pittsburgh show other series and works had taken over my hand and interest, however with a couple holiday shows winter 2010 interest and focus has returned. I have begun creating more atmosphere and characters in the same style of the birds and there will be exciting things to come, perhaps delving into different mediums all together. You’ll have to stay tuned to see where & how the birds migrate and molt.


I am a big fan of interesting and affordable art. Rather than just doing paintings, I thought I would do prints…
So, I photographed the original 3 paintings, brought them into photoshop, simplified them down to black and white and printed them out, I traced these, creating a nice clean line work version of the original painted birds.

After that they were photocopied and I augmented the lines to be a little bit beefier so they could hold their weight at the smaller size for the prints.

I then scanned in this new optimized illustration, here I realized I could also vary the anatomy of the birds a bit and so some features were strategically omitted so they could be added later, after this I had them professionally printed.

From here I decided to throw some color on them… They are all colored with an watery-acrylic-method as well as a couple mixed media on a some lucky ones. After the painting process I went back over them with pen and ink to pull out the lines of the birds, add different things, and even some backgrounds, especially in the latest prints which you can see here.


These prints are roughly 5.5″x8.5″ either landscape or portrait orientation and come matted for $50 bucks, or with out mattes for $40. Each one is original, hand painted and incorporates unique illustration. They come signed, titled, and numbered 1/1.

Shipping varies upon your order and location, to order, obtain more information, or for future art shows:
call 315.439.7375 or email me randy[at]varietystudios.com

– Randy