fresh for 2012

crisp and clean going into the new year. expect big things.

roi art show early december

strathmore artisans show was a blast, thanks to marybeth for hosting. if you missed the debut of the pen and ink holiday cards be sure to check out the roi […]


GOBBLECROSS! illustration, logo, event promotion, etc..  by Randy Hadzor. name, cyclocross course, and scheduling by Wes Hadzor. sponsored by Variety Studios and Curtin and Hadzor Fine Home Builders

Curtin & Hadzor

custom lettering and logo work by Randy Hadzor Craftsmen of fine homes, furniture, and trim carpentry.

bigger stronger faster. just got faster. boom. here’s a random monster from halloween time this year:


– circa 2009

random quote

The age old question/statement of, “That’s not art!”, really can be boiled down to if the work in question is or isn’t salable, don’t believe it? Go ahead say “I […]

creatures converge at craft chemistry

click above or go to 745 n. salina street, syracuse, ny by saturday to see the wall. recap: it was an open call for art with in the limited palette […]

casket avenger comic contest!

Chris Raimo is a ridiculously talented artist and illustrator who is currently working on issue #2 of his comic ‘Casket Avenger’. For this issue there is a contest for back […]