moday evenin’ : day runs into days

so lately one day has felt like multiple.
waking up about the same time as the sun, going to lift mon.tues.fri. and trying to get back to running a bit, and cycling every now and then . playing ice hockey and roller hockey in a league up in lysander and doing marketing full time with fleet feet syracuse, a neat little runnin’ store.

so. today i said to somebody regarding a message i sent them “the other day” which i received the reply “dude, that was this morning”

any how, keepin’ busy, it’s fun. did a window display yesterday. (provided that yesterday really was sunday) … i thought it came out pretty alright, it was fun none the less low budget and incorporate july 4th / independence day / running store stuff. I’ll post a picture when i get around to it.

that’s all that i can think of immediately to write about. i wanna ride bicycles all day tomorrow, (tuesday/no work). or anything else that could be fun. or i could always make some art, i haven’t done anything crazy in a while besides the unfinished gorilla dude on the wall of my studio-in-progress


back in cny

so i have graduated, and returned to the central new york area. i’ve been setting up my new studio and i’m getting ready to take over the world, as usual. right before heading north i dropped off a handful of super soft stenciled tee’s at the little surf shop on brighton ave in longbranch newjersey.
shirts fo' sale

so after i get a little more settled i will have to update the site a bit. the logo for mike richisons show has been completed and he animated it for various uses in his performance, i’ll have to upload some of them to the site as well

the btb roller hockey season is underway as well! go dogs go!

thursday afternoon

second update in a row, woo. so school continues to wrap up, spent some time on campus today helpin’ people get their websites together for final crit… merely further inspired me to get in order.

also today i created an extremely limited edition run of t-shirt: 

t-shirt experiment

i posted a little stop animation blurb of the process on the homepage in the work bar… 

if anyone is interested in purchasing a shirt or hoodie, contact me at specifying colors, size, and style, and i’ll letchya know the low low price.

on a personal note, tonite i’m excited to go see george clinton and the parliament funkadelic down the street at the legendary venue the stone pony 

i’m open to advice & criticism on the new site design as well as anything else

giant sketches taking over a surface near you

update. i’ve been working on the shadow nation logo and brochure for a while now. with only mild success as you can see below i need to continue the letter forms.. I am determined to get it done today. i am excited with an idea of doing a series of giant sketches. i’m thinking that will entail some of my favorites growing up, in form of stencils and brush and jumbo sharpy on recycled surfaces.

sn logo inprogress *in progress