google play(s) music?

Hey world! 2 things: a) I have a wordpress blog still.. perhaps I should use it? b) google sent an email a while ago saying that they stream music: […]

surprisingly awesome marketing

A friend from design school just posted this. It is indeed surprisingly awesome marketing. It’s an interesting world of advertising these days, where individuals have as much control over the […]

an introduction to dubstep

it’s 2012 … a little bass rich electronic music is essential to your cultural homeostasis. recommended listening at least three servings per month


– circa 2009

random quote

The age old question/statement of, “That’s not art!”, really can be boiled down to if the work in question is or isn’t salable, don’t believe it? Go ahead say “I […]

casket avenger comic contest!

Chris Raimo is a ridiculously talented artist and illustrator who is currently working on issue #2 of his comic ‘Casket Avenger’. For this issue there is a contest for back […]

the coach joe of typography

In college at Monmouth I ran cross country and track, we had a coach named joe, he was awesome. He loved pizza more than anyone. On today I saw […]

fun stuff

Hope everyone has been having a great break. Up here in the North East the winter weather let up a bit, got some sun, all the ice in the driveway […]